Sunday, May 19

OPEN HARDWARE E-INK show simply wants a concept

Its taken for a while, however due to devices just like the Amazon Kindle, the value of e-ink displays square measure finally at the purpose wherever mere mortals like United States will truly begin exploitation them in our comes. currently we’ve simply have to be compelled to decipher a way to utilize them properly. positive you’ll simply attach AN e-ink show to a Raspberry Pi to induce started, however to actually understand the potential of the technology, you would like hardware designed with it in mind.

To that finish, [Mahesh Venkitachalam] has created Papyr, AN open hardware wireless show designed with the energy potency of e-ink in mind. this suggests not solely providing support for low-energy communication protocols like BLE and Zigbee, however keeping the code as curt as attainable. per the documentation, the tip result’s that Papyr solely attracts twenty two uA in its idle state.

So what does one do with this energy-sipping Bluetooth e-ink gadget? Well, that half is up to you. the plain application is accumulation, however unless you’re in operation a very well organized hackerspace, you almost certainly don’t would like wireless dynamic labels on your half bins (though please allow us to recognize if you really do). additional seemingly, you’d use Papyr as a general purpose show, showing device knowledge or the standing of your 3D printer.

The 1.54 in. 200×200 resolution e-ink panel is capable of showing red additionally to the quality grayscale, and also the physical object is power-driven by a Nordic nRF52840 SoC. Everything’s provided for you to make your own, however if you’d rather jump right in and obtain experimenting, you’ll obtain the assembled version for $39 USD on Tindie.